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The Caribbean Islands are the ideal destination to take a few days off from the cold US East Coast, in the middle of winter. Travel south to the turquoise waters, white sandy beaches and the laid back lifestyle typical to the ultimate yachting destination. Blue waters, pristine beaches, and palm trees are only a few of the highlights of the trips, from exploring sunken aircraft in the Bahamas to climbing up the pitons of St Lucia, and the unmistakable NYE celebrations in St Barth, a Caribbean yacht charter is truly the utmost luxury escape.


White Sandy Beaches and Turquoise Waters

The Bahamas are the ideal getaway destination, with hundreds of secluded islands, white sandy beaches, and an ideal climate. Year-round the Bahamas will offer you the utmost privacy, far away from any crowds and plenty of activities. From swimming with friendly nurse sharks to exploring sunken 1970’s drug smuggling aircraft, there is something for everyone in this heaven on earth.

Bahamas yacht charter

Turks & Caicos

Remote Paradisiac Islands

These less traveled 40 low lying coral islands are just a few nautical miles east of the Bahamas. Not the tradition yachting destination, these islands offer a wide range of activities, similarly as the Bahamas, that remain unspoiled and undiscovered. Overlooked by developers the islands remained pristine and the underwater world untouched. Divers have been experiencing the world’s third-largest coral reef, with its wall dives, sun-drenched coral valleys, small sharks, and reef diving.

Turks and caicos yacht charter

St Barth

The jewel of the Caribbean

St Barth is one of the most well know French West Indies islands. The harbor of Gustavia is home to some of the most extravagant NYE parties, with yachts up to 160m in the bay each year. The jet-set flocks every year to this blessed land in the middle of the Caribbean. The high-end restaurants, impressive beach clubs, and pristine white sandy beaches will provide you with one of the best yachting experience, surrounded only by the very best.

Caribbean Yacht Charter