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Day 1

Nassau to Highbourne Cay

Begin your journey meeting Eminence at the Atlantis Marina in Paradise Island in Nassau. Meet your captain and crew before preparing for the yacht charter of a lifetime. Start your cruise towards Highbourne Cay, known as the first step into the Exumas. Once arrived, hop in the tender to reach Allen’s Cay, home to plenty of Iguanas. Waiting on the beach, sunbathing, they are waiting for visitors to lighten up their day. Hike to the Spring enjoying the splendid sunset views.

Day 2

Highbourne Cay to Shroud Cay

Crystal clear waters, abundant fish and corals, it’s a true diver’s dream. one of the bluest waters in the world will welcome you. The Exuma wall, a 75′ underwater drop is perfect for a good apnea, or a tranquil snorkel around the shallower depths. Later head to Norman’s Cay, a legendary island home to the drug smuggling operations of Carlos Lehder. Nature lovers will be delighted by a cruise around the uninhabited Shroud Cay, where you will observe no footprints except your owns.

Day 3

Shroud Cay to Warderick Wells

The tidal pool deserves an up close and personal tour, as a tropical haven for birds, turtles and coral fishes. After a quick morning exploration cruise to Waderick Wells, where the natural reserves are set. Adventurers of all ages will enjoy the seven miles trails, including Boo Boo Hill, that offers panoramic views on the island and surrounding cays.

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Day 4

Warderick Wells to Staniel Cay

Bell’s Cay is the ideal location for snorkeling, referred to as the aquarium thanks to the incredible density of coral fishes. Schools of brilliantly colored fish will surround you in crystal clear waters. nurse shark will be more than welcoming near the docks of Compass Cay, waiting for you to socialize and cuddle. Rachel’s Bubble Bath, a natural whirlpool is also located nearby, awaiting your visit. Fowl Cay boasts a fantastic coral reef just a few boat lengths from a crescent-shaped beach.

Day 5

Staniel Cay

Multiple coves and beaches are waiting for you on Staniel Cay, one of the most picturesque islands in the Bahamas. Filled with adventure the cays are ideal for private explorations. Discover the Thunderball Grotto, featured in the eponym James Bond movie. Swim with the friendly Bahamian pigs of Big Major before exploring smaller cays only reachable by boat. Head back to the Staniel Cay Yacht Club for a drink with friends before a dinner prepared by Eminence’s chef.

Day 6

Staniel Cay to Paradise Island

Before heading back home, get a taste of Paradise Island, playing at the Casino, visiting one of the world-class golf courses or discover the cuisine of excellent restaurants.