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St Barth


French Glamour & Caribbean Weather

Named by the Swedish during their occupation in the 1800’s Gustavia is home to one of the most famous harbor and NYE celebrations in the world. Filled with exclusive art galleries & shops, discover unique items or improve your wardrobe for the glamour of this French Island. Head to the secluded beaches of the smaller islands just around Gustavia for a taste of true privacy and exclusivity. St-Jean, being one of the prettiest villages around, sheltered within a small bay, is ideal for kayaking and sailing. The villas around the town are often occupied by movie stars and celebrities.

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Utmost Privacy

Accessible only by boat or foot, the beach is located on the northwest end of the island. The isolation makes the beach so private that you will truly feel alone in the world. To this day the beach is known as the “Rockefeller’s Beach” after it’s previous owners. This exclusive location is a favorite of the locals and residents for picnics and hanging out. The chef aboard Eminence will prepare a picnic for you to join them and discover the local culture while relaxing on white soft sand. For the more adventurous ones, hike up through the mountains and reach unobstructed views of the island. Explore the little beach and coves around with your tender, before gathering for dinner at the Isle de France hotel, where Chef Yann Vinsot’s creations will inspire you.

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Ile Fourchue

World Class Diving

Leaving the main island, you will cruise north to the deserted Ile Fourchue. After a short tender ride ashore, or via a kayak, you can hike through the lands to discover the remainders of the island’s history. The unique vegetation will make you forget the rainforests of St Barth, for deserted landscapes. Be sure to take umbrellas with you! The world-class diving sites will be ideal to fill your afternoon with adventures and discoveries. With an abundance of sea rays, turtles and coral fish, the marine world will never cease to amaze you.

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Long Bay Beach

Exclusivity and Privacy

Long Bay Beach is true to its name, being one of the largest straight of sand on the island. While being extremely popular, it’s sheer size allows it to remain quite private and quiet. However, if you are looking for a more festive mood, the Orient Express resort, La Samana, will surely provide that. In the meantime, snorkeling in the bay is a fantastic experience in calm weather.

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St Maarteen

Back to Civilisation

Your final day aboard will have you visit St Marteen. The popular resort island will provide you with plenty of beach clubs for a festive ambiance or quiet lounge bars and restaurants. Grilled fish, freshly captured is a must-have, especially if prepared by the locals. Within the natural reserve, waters mostly calm and ideal for diving, however when the wind picks up, surfing comes on the agenda.