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The Mediterranean is the cradle of yachting, the most glamorous and luxurious experience one can obtain onboard a superyacht. From the streets of Monaco to the bays of St Jean Cap Ferrat, the French Riviera is home to the world’s best restaurants, pristine bays, and an exceptional lifestyle. The Amalfi coast is famous for its vertiginous landscapes, traditional cuisine, and fantastic coastline. One of the most well-guarded heaven on earth has to be the “Island of beauty”, Corsica, with pristine mile-long beaches, stunning rock formation, and vibrant culture. From the exceptional culinary scene to a vibrant artistic history, a Mediterranean yacht charter truly is the ultimate summer destination.

French Riviera

Historic Heritage & Chic Coastline

The French Riviera is home to the world’s most refined lifestyle, with a strong influence from the British in the early 1900s and the Russian nobility. The birthplace of etiquette defined the service “à la Francaise” that is now found in most of the world’s restaurants. More than exceptional service and restaurants you will find a buzzing cultural world, with strong traditions as well as pristine nature and secluded bays. Anchoring off from Eze, with views on one of France’s oldest village, a few hundred meters away from some of the best beach clubs in the world is the pinnacle of the yachting experience and mediterranean yacht charter.


Italian Riviera & Amalfi Coast

Beauty and Tranquility

Rivaling in beauty with the Côte d’Azur, Italy is the cradle of the European civilization. With ruins dating back to the early roman empire, over 2000 years ago, the country is filled with history and traditions. The splendid coastline is characterized by small fishing villages hanging off cliffs directly into the turquoise waters. Small fishing boats are still visible in yachting hotspots, bringing a traditional charm while being slowing replaced by glamorous Rivas.

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The Island Of Beauty

Remaining almost untouched Corsica’s coastline is best explored by boat. The hundreds of secluded bays, pristine beaches, and Maldives-like rock formations and often out of reach from the shore. Cruising just a few nautical miles from the port of Bonifacio you will discover nature’s jewels. The dozens of calas in the south of Corsica and the secluded islands offer shelter to the most demanding yachtsmen in search of privacy.