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Porto Vecchio

Escape to the Lavezzi Islands

Porto-Vecchio will be your meeting point with Eminence, where you will meet with our captain and crew. The harbor town is overlooked by a medieval fort and is the perfect spot to start your exploration of the neighboring islands. The Lavezzi islands just a few nautical miles south, located in the straight of Bonifacio, are accessible only by yacht. These Unesco World Heritage spots offer some of the world’s best diving spots.


Mediveal Town

After cruising the picturesque Islands, cruise towards Bonifacio and reach one of the world’s favorite yachting HubSpot. The stunning gorges of Bonifacio are natural wonders, with the city hanging on the side of the cliffs. Peruse the old streets within the limestone walls and discover an exceptional panorama. Plenty of small restaurants can be found, including Italian specialties or more local delicacies.

La Maddalena

Natural Wonders

The La Maddalena islands constitute an archipelago, just a few miles north of Sardinia. The rocky islands are surrounded by remarkably clear waters, with exceptional tints of blue and exquisite marine life. The archipelago is protected as a natural marine reserve, featuring pink sandy beaches. Cala Gavetta is one of the hotspots, worth a walk in town.

Porto Cervo

JetSet and Natural wonders

Lush, green, rolling hills will welcome you to Porto Cervo, creating a stunning backdrop for one of the world’s most exclusive superyacht marina. Jet-setters have been flocking the town for years now, making it one of the world’s most exclusive destinations. High-end restaurants, elegant boutiques, and art galleries can be found on land while at sea natural wonders only surround you.

Santa Teresa Gallura

Island Hopping

Cruising to the northern part of the island you will have many opportunities to stop in secluded harbors; coves and bays to enjoy a relaxed moment in the beach club of Eminence, popping open a bottle of rosé wine and enjoying the sea. Santa Teresa Gallura is a seaside town worth sparing a few hours of your time exploring, with exceptional granite headlands.