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Italian Riviera


Fishing Village & Jet Set

The magnificent little town of Portofino is a true slice of heaven of earth. This peaceful harbor is home to a traditional fishing village and one of the most famed places in the world by the Jet Set. Offering splendid views on the Gulf of Genova, multiple celebrities have luxurious real estate and yachts in the area enjoying the utmost luxury. The Captain’s cove is one of the top places to enjoy a swim before reaching the lighthouse at the tip of the peninsula. In the city center, you will also discover exceptional shopping in lovely exclusive boutiques. The Splendido hotel is a must-see, lunch or dinner there is a must-do during your Italian Riviera yacht charter.



Another small fishing village the likes of Portofino, Port Venere is one of the best places to start a small hike up mountains to discover hilltop towns and exciting restaurants. Porto Venere offers a splendid little harbor, filled with traditional boats alongside a few superyachts.



White sandy beach, Alpi Apuane in the background and exclusive beach clubs. Forte Dei Marmi is one of the favored places by luxury travelers, thanks to a vibrant atmosphere and impressive luxury amenities, including fantastic restaurants, clubs, and private beaches.


Secluded Islands

Surrounded by warm blue seas, the small island of Giglio lies in the southern end of the Tuscan Archipelago, 50km south of the island of Elba. A short cruise away from the civilized island lies the island of Montecristo, a much less civilized one, ideal to enjoy utmost privacy. The mild climate, emerald waters and unforgettable sceneries will be one of the highlights of your trip.

Monte Argentario


Red vegetation and a blue-tinted lagoon, Monte Argentario has long been a vacation spot for the rich Romans. Porto Stefano, the main town of the 23-square-mile promontory, features a flashy harbor for yachts and fishing boats alike.